Robert Heindel 1938-2005

robert heindel tracks on land signed limited edition print
Tracks on Land
Signed, limited edition of 500
Image 22.5 x 34.5 in. / 57 x 87 cm
Overall size with frame 36" x 47"

Robert Heindel´s reputation for capturing the spirit of dance and dancers is legendary. ´Opera House´,
the magazine of The Royal Ballet, proclaimed ´from the toil and sweat of the gruelling preparation to the
theatrics and spectacle of costume and colour, it´s not difficult to spot a Heindel. The artist´s talent is
a singular ability to pour movement and emotion onto the canvas or blank sheet before him.´
As for his obsession with dance, chance tickets to the ballet in the early 1980s presented him with unfamiliar
territory which he found at once compelling. Of dancers he commented, ´They´re such wonderful people to be
around. It´s brutally hard work both physically and emotionally, and that is what inspires me.
´Over the past twenty five years, Robert worked with many of the world´s leading dance and ballet companies.
He always preferred their rehearsal periods as opposed to performance, he observed The Royal Ballet, Birmingham
Royal Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, The Scottish Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and more besides.
Along the way, Roberts work received a myriad of comments but none are more telling that those from the dancers
themselves. Thus when Sir Anthony Dowell, Director of the Royal Ballet, believed the artist had captured
´what dance is all about" and when David Bintley, Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet, viewed him as
´the greatest painter of dance since Degas", that pair of tickets was certainly worthwhile!
 robert heindel

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